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Spooky Duck Bath bombs

Spooky Duck Bath bombs

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 Bath bombs with an added spooky duck for more fun at bath time
Gloom-Rich Magenta:fruity plum 
Serpent- Slime Green: choc chip cookies
 recommend these bombs for age 3+ 

They can be broken up for more than one use if desired. Push the bottom of the tub to release the bomb.
Duck designs vary 
Contain no sls, slsa, polysorbates or paraben.
These bombs have less oils, no alcohol and no bubbling agents whatsoever.
Tub can be recycled 
Made by Hexbomb 

Magenta gloom-sodium bicarbonate/citric acid/cornflour/kaolin clay/plum oil/natural witchhazel/ci45100/ci77891/co45410

slime Green Serpent- Sodium bicarbonate/citric acid/cornflour/kaolin clay/choc chip cookie oil/natural witchhazel/ci77449/ci16045/ci60730
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